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Just three words...  “I Love You Over & Over” is a cross section of the faces and feelings of over 250 people from diverse backgrounds and socio-economic positions, all simply saying the words “I Love You”. The film creates a visual language made of specific words and faces. You can see the faces and energy change upon release of the words, testifying to the connective power of words and visual, verbal, emotional expression.

The "I Love You" videos are documentary in style, using available light and sound. It is simple yet complex, happy and sad, big and small, painful and joyous. It is repetitive yet cumulative in its effect, creating a collage of emotions that entices its viewer into participating in the exchange of love.

The films are part of the “I Love You” Project that deconstructs the meaning of love using various media . As an abstract word, ‘love’ is individually understood, yet universally connects us having an energy of its own.

Each expression adds to the reconstruction of it’s meaning and creates a form of social sculpture that is shaped by the collective. It continues to morph it’s form, growing with each addition and meaning.

It’s “you” and “me” with love as

the space in-between.

The "I Love You" project includes paint, video, video installation and multi media dance collaboration.

The project has expanded to include The Class of Love; an experimental interdisciplinary class teaching at the post secondary level incorporating multi media and emotions as a conduit for learning empirical knowledge in the science and social sciences areas. The Class of Love has received much attention and a book will be forthcoming.

“I believe ultimately the best way to help save our planet is to understand more about love, what it is, and how to do it more. If we are hard wired to be empathetic as research suggests, then we need to learn to extend out understanding of love to embrace not just our family, our community but every living thing living on the planet. We have the technology to connect, to extend across the globe, what we need is to further understand how to make this work emotionally so we can reach out to each other. The more we can love one another, the more we love all living things, including the planet and beyond.

Note: The "I Love You Belfast" includes infamous Ulster party leader Ian Paisley. This film marks a turning point in the ways the project can be used to help.

In December 2010, I travelled to Israel and Palestine and completed the next instalment of the project in the Spring of 2011. The film entitled "I Love You Israel & Palestine", attempts at humanizing the 'enemy' and revealing ways we are all connected. Does love have national, political or religious


Unfortunately, due to personal threats; the film has not been shown publicly. If you would like to see it, contact me here.

The Class of Love '11

I Love You”

“I Love You” Over & Over  (09:30)
“I Love You” Berlin   (02:27)
“I Love You” Athens   (02:29)
“I Love You” Belfast   (05:11)
“I Love You” Queen’s   (02:10)
Class of Love '10 “I Love You”  (02:07)

For larger versions on youtube, click on video titles for links.

“I Love You” Hamburg   (05:23)

“I Love You”

Class of Love '11 “I Love You” (01:32)

Kate Hollett

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"I Love You Lüneburg”

The Class of Love '11

Starting from Old to young;

the film depicts people from the town,

sharing their many ways of

saying "I Love You"

“I Love You Lüneburg” (03:50)

"I Love You Young & Old”

The Class of Love '11

Can we use media and communicating

love to help people?

The Class filmed at the Anne Frank

Schule (school) and the

Domizel Seniorenheim (Senior's Home).

We paired seniors and kids to see

how love spans generations.

“I Love You Young & Old” (02:49)

"I Love You Blindly”

The Class of Love '11

The Class of Love

explored how vision affects love

by filming the blind and

people saying "I Love You"

with eyes closed.

“I Love You Blindly” (02:30)