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                                                  Fraternal, carnal, material

Family love, romantic love, love for your friends

Of course we have the love in a partner relationship. Moreover I know the platonic kind of love, as well as the way you love a family member. And the way you love yourself, to my mind the foundation to be able really to present love to other people. Recently charity comes into my mind, the kind of love you give to unknown people.

There are a lot of different kinds of love:

-the mother-daughter-love

-the father-daughter-love

-the first love

-the love between people who have been in a relationship for many years

-the love in the beginning of a relationship

-love between friends

-and love for an animal

I think all those kinds of love are real.

love addiction, love you give, tolerance, lust for life, helping others, angry love=hate, love you get, family, close friends, trash love, romance, aggressive/painful love, Stockholm Syndrome, no responded love, imagined love

family love

love of a mother

love in a relationship

love for oneself

love for strangers, civil courage

love for the earth

love for animals

love for god

love for members of the family

love for a partner/another person

love for friends

love for yourself

love for the nature (or a country)

unanswered/unsatisfied love

happy love

As I already said Love to me is the “mother” of all emotions humankind is able to feel. I would even say love is a factor of Fear like we need to love ourselves to have the drive to protect ourselves or beloved ones and we need to fear, i.e. danger to protect. There is love for family members, for friends, for partners, for cultures, for languages, for the process of learning, for objects. Every person loves different things, i.e. some love to collect stamps and others love to play soccer. So the “kinds” of love depend on the person that loves. If I would start listing every single kind of love and I would never come to an end, as love is the big factor in our lives and influences everything, according to my opinion.

-true love

-summer love

-one-sided love

sacrificial love

The strongest love that exists is the one between parents and their children, especially the one between a mother and her child. That kind of love is instinctive, existential not influenceable because the children basically wear the same genes.

Another very similar love is the one between siblings who feel that they have the same origin and that they belong together.

There is love that friends feel for each other which is not always directly visible but can be stronger that most of the other kinds of love.

And then there is the kind of love that we first associate with the term love, the one between partners, which in the majority of cases comes together with sexual attraction. That kind of love seems to many people to be the strongest one and it has a lot more to do with your character, with common interests  and with harmonizing.

In our everyday speech we use the verb love also when we talk about places, hobbies, things we feel passion for or referring to material goods, like concrete objects.

Love between a couple, heterosexual or homosexual, love between parents and children, love between friends, love between other family members e.g. grandparents and grandchild, cousins etc.

         love to one-self

         love to god

         love towards others (family, romantic love, friendship)

         love towards emotions/states of mind/ institutions

                ·         love beyond death

·         inner peace/harmony/happiness – to be content with oneself

·         love to a partner in a relationship

·         the parents’ love to the children

·         the children’s’ love to the parents

à the love of a mother
à girly love (her best friend, shoes, clothes, etc.)
à Being a fan of something
à love between siblings
à love for food, vine, etc.

-Love to a boyfriend                          

-love to eat (food)            

-love to live

-Love to the family                            

-love to music

-love to nature

-Love to friends                                  

-love seeing details

      love from a mother

      love from a child to its parents

      love between seniors

      love from parents

      love between partners

      love between teenagers

            -         motherly/fatherly love

-          love between siblings

-          love between grandchildren and grandparents

-          love between teenagers

-          love between older people

-          love between mentally disabled people

-          love between men

-          love betwenn women

-          love between cousins

           -          Music

-          Family

-          Friendship

-          Hometown

-          Food

-          Travel

-          Animal

-          Platonic love

-          Boys/Men

-          Mankind

-          Lust

-          Desire

Friendship; Adoration; Love in your family; Loving your animals; Loving things that mean something to you in general. Hatred can be a type of love as well because love is such a strong feeling that it can easily have an influence on your other feelings. Furthermore sorrow is a type of love. If you love and lose somebody or something you sometimes show your love in this way.

Love towards family

Love towards friends

Love towards a guy

Sad love

Overwhelming love

Deep love

Crazy love

one-sided love

·         Love between parents and their children

·         Friendship

·         Sibling love

·         Romantic love in a relationship

·         platonic love

·         Hatred

1.      Love to your mother.

Love to your father.

Love to your brothers and sisters or other siblings.

Love to your friends.

Love to your boyfriend, husband.

Love to your own Life.

Love to a pet.

Love to a thing.

Love to a stranger.

I don't want to take a closer look on the question who loves who, instead I want to take a closer look on the question which different loves exist.

First at all there is the love which is caused by attraction and this kind of love normally includes the desire for getting intimate together, having fun and sexual contact.

Second there is the love between family members and really good friends, you're so used to having them around you, that they are part of your everyday life and it is really important for you, that they agree with your actions and give positive or negative feedback.

Third there is the love which isn't connected to a single person. This kind of love can include a group of people, an object or something comparable (for example: I love the nature).

·         Parental love

·         Familiar love

·         Loving a friend

·         The love to a partner

·         Loving to do something

-          Love in a partnership (between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman)

-          Love between parents and child

-          Love to other family members

-          Unrequited love

-          Love at first sight

-          Love for oneself

-          Love to a pet


        When I decided to study abroad, a part of my family wouldn’t let me come. They said it was too expensive to be afforded, and that they would miss me a lot if I went abroad. Despite of my family’s thoughts, my mother told me that if that was what I actually wanted, that I should do so. That it wouldn’t matter if she hadn’t had enough money at the time, because she’d find it. And it wouldn’t also matter that she’d had miss me, because me studying abroad was my dream, my happiness. And she’d do anything to see me happy

My dad crying when I left for America. I have never seen him cry before.

I am not able to define one special moment in my life, because I don’t believe in moments, but rather in spaces of time.

But in everybody’s live are the moments, when you forget everything is surrounding you. In a relationship this moment can be a kiss, with the ability to hypnotize you for a few seconds.

I’ve never seen my dad crying except this one time. I was leaving home for one year when I was 16. He cried like crazy at the airport when saying goodbye.

That for me was love.

last year during Christmas I called my family via Skype. Well, my siblings, mum and dad, uncles and aunts, my cousins and my grandmother were there for their Christmas dinner. It was great to see them all after one year. So we were sitting in front of the computer and singing Christmas songs and were celebrating the fact that we were kind of together. So I realized it doesn’t matter if you’re far away your family is still there and is able to give you the feeling of safeness, understanding and love.

There was a time I wanted to go abroad to study, but my mother wasn't really in favour of the idea. In the end she let me go and said: "I can't change your mind anyway, so at least I should support you in what you want to do." These words really showed me what love means and that she cared for me.

        As I mentioned before I don´t really know whether I have ever been in love with a person that is not a member of my family.

One situation in my life in which I can describe my feelings with the word “love” is my arrival at the airport in Frankfurt after I spent half a year in Mexico. During that time I was very unhappy and because of that on my flight back home I was really looking forward to seeing my mother as she was the only one who could pick me up. When I finally saw her and fell into her arms I burst into tears.

This was a reaction I never would have expected. I was so overwhelmed by my reaction and that feeling that I suddenly felt when I was holding my mum in my arms that I could not stop crying. That was the moment when I realized how much I had missed her and how much I love her.

        I honestly have to say that this is probably the hardest question to me as I experienced love in many situations. But I’m going to share the two most important experience concerning love I’ve experienced so far.

A couple of years ago I witnessed a situation that now means a true prove of love to me. My aunt Grit, whose father was an alcoholic and was very abusive at times during her childhood, accepted her father’s apology and now they are able to talk to each other without fighting. That day I saw my aunt’s father cry for the first time and I could feel the love between those people. My aunt still loved her father though her father beat her up a couple of times and her father later said that he couldn’t apologize earlier, because he was so ashamed of what he did . To me this process of apologizing and accepting the apology was the most intense prove of love I’ve ever experienced and showed to me that love is irrational.

The second experience I would like to share is very personal and happened not long ago. During my time in Canada I met a guy I would now call the love of my life. The first time I met him I could feel a profound connection in between us and straight away I felt comfortable being with him and talking to him. We never became a couple, we never even kissed, because he was already in a relationship but I know now that I am always going to love this person, as a friend, as a lover… I don’t even know if what I feel for him is love because it feels like something more, something deeper I can’t explain. I’m still in the process of figuring out what happened and what I feel for this person, but I know I’m never going to lose this connection to him.

        Love is the good feeling when you look at your girlfriend and you know that you doesn't need something else in this moment. No other company for example.

All different kinds of social interactions and relationships represent love to me but a very special story is my piano teacher‘s one. She met a guy when she was sixteen, he became her first boyfriend, they married, travelled around the world and stayed together more that fifty years until he died three years ago because of a disease. Every time she talks about him you can feel that there has never been somebody else and that there will never be and that this is what you call true love.

        I remember the 50th wedding day of my grandparents. One part of the celebration was a ceremony in church. The two stood in front of the parson and I could clearly see that their love was still the same as 50 years ago. Long lasting love impresses me a lot.

    Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy as well!” (even if it is something you have no relation to or you normally dislike)

When I was very young and had recently learned to walk, I fell down the stairs to our cellar in which we have flagstones. My dad told me that he started running immediately and therefore was able to catch me. He saved me from death without giving it much thought.

    My boyfriend once made clear he would feel up to wait for me if I admitted for some reason not being able to feel love towards him anymore – if there was an inner emptiness/insecurity. He would accept this undefined period of time as long as there is the hope of the feelings to come back.

        I quarrel with my boyfriend and we do not even speak to each other for a few days, but then I got an invitation for dinner and he has cooked my favourite meal, even when he cannot cook.

Each Christmas when my whole family stay together.

When my granddad was very sick and about to die, my grandmom painted a picture to hang in his room. It showed an elderly couple from behind, walking on a long path in a forest. In front of them was just a yellow-whitish spot or „light“. It impressed me, that my grandmom painted this, because it showed, what was about to happen, and I think she wanted to tell him once more, that she'd always be with him even if he leaves this place. They were both religious and my granddad was a pastor, so he was very fond of god. When my mum asked my granddad whether she should buy a frame for the picture and nail it to the wall, since it was hanging on the wall just held in place by tape, he said that he didn't want that painting to be „caught behind glass“. I was so touched by the total understanding of my grandmom's and the way she tried to be with him even if she couldn't sit by his bed all day and all night.

There is a moment I remember, not long ago, when my father and I had huge fight. After this fight and two days of barely speaking to each other, my father came to me and took me into his arms. He wept for several minutes and told me he was sorry. This was a moment of love for me because my father rarely shows

The warm welcome and the expression on the faces of my family members, when I come back from a long holiday trip and they see me the first time again after a couple of weeks, represents for me love because of the warm and familiar atmosphere. Everybody is happy and if you see the expressions on their faces you just feel loved.

On my 18th birthday my mother gave me a little booklet. There she wrote down things she knows I dream of. On one page it said that she hopes that I can live in Canada one day. This is one of my biggest dreams to come true. Writing this down even though she is afraid of flying is the biggest declaration of love I can imagine. She would release me for my dreams to come true.

My little hosts screaming and crying the night I left their home. Carrying for someone, putting his life right next to yours, connecting and never want it to be separate again.


The day I went abroad for one year my friends and family were supposed to come to the airport with me.  My grandfather usually is a tough man, never sick and always in a good mood. But on that day he could not come with us - he was not feeling well and cried a lot, just because I was leaving.

This really touched me and was so special as I never saw him cry before.

1.       I really don’t know what to write right here. In my personal story of love there are a lot of situation about which I would say that they represented happy, angry, passionate and faith full Love. There are Moments where I can’t even explain where that Love came from because it has been always there.  For example I the Love to my family.

Somehow, for me it’s really hard to find words that explain the Love that I felt in certain situation. Probably because right now Love comes and goes in my Life and I don’t know why that is. And I don’t know how to define something that was so everlasting since the first time I experienced love.

And I just read what I said twice and I still don’t think that I said anything because I really don’t know how.

Once when I was six years old my family and I went on a walk and we wanted to reach a playing-ground. While we walked along the trees and wild flowers my sister saw some bushes full of blackberries. Happily we ran towards the bush, to grab all we could reach, but my mum told us not to take the berries next to the ground, because otherwise we would be in danger to get a tapeworm. Tapeworm that sounded interesting for me, so I asked my mother and she told me, that I could die because of a tapeworm. Later in the afternoon we were on our way home and passed the bushes with blackberries again and I saw my mother eating one of the berries next to the ground. I was shocked! When I was laying in my bed, I started to think about it again, and wondered about what happened that day. I realised, that my mother could die now. I started to cry and just stopped, when my mother entered to say good night. I pretended to sleep and she left my room. I think I continued to cry for like half an hour and then I went to my parents bedroom. After my mother told me that she won't die, because of these berries I was still able to imagine what would be missing if a beloved person dies and I think this is the reason, why I never hated a person, I was in love with, even if it would have been so much easier in some cases. It is way more difficult to try to emphasize with somebody.

    When I started to understand death as a child I spend time picturing what it would be like if one of my parents would die. Reflecting on this, years later, lets me think about my unconditional love to my parents.

        My mother sometimes told me that when they were young, she and my father went down a street on a December evening, when my father suddenly slipped on a frozen puddle and fell over. He lay in front of her and she always said that in this moment she knew that she has to marry this man who lay there in front of her to her feet. I don’t know if it really happened like this, but for me this story represents love.

What memory describes love to you?

It can be anything, any kind of experience where you can say “yes, that was love”.

Memories of Love

Kinds of Love

How do many kinds of love can you name?

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