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Outline - Love Video Search - Leonie

The method I will use for my presentation will be a video that is a mixture of direct interviewing and scenes that symbolize love.

The central question of my video will be “Who do we really love?” or more explicit “What kind of love has priority for us?”. By writing “we” I included myself on purpose, as I will ask myself these questions as well and therefore also be part of the research and video. The kinds of love that I want to include in the video are: Love for parents, Love for children, Love for siblings and Romantic Love for the partner.

As a research method I want to interview people from my surrounding. To be more precise, I am planing to interview: people who are parents, people who have siblings, people who are in a relationship, people who have children and people from different generations. I want these people to think about which love has the highest priority to them and whether it is possible at all to categorize love and say that one love is more important than another. To support these interviews, I will also try to catch scenes of these people where they show their love to someone by hugging, kissing or whatever gesture they use. My research and resources will be the interviewed people themselves, as I will draw my conclusion out of their answers and their behaviour.

As possible outcome hypotheses of my project I considered following:

-People of my age, that have just moved away from home to study somewhere else in Germany will answer that the love for their parents is the most important and unconditional love they feel. Especially because most of them do not have had very longlasting relationships which are comparable to our parents relationship.

-People that have been married for at least 15 to 20  years and have no children, will answer that the prior love for them is the love that they feel for their partner.

-People that are parents and lovers will answer that the most important love is the love for their children and for their partner.

-People from an older generation, like my grandmother, will answer that they love their whole family most, especially when the partner has died and the children and grandchildren are the only part of the family that is still alive and that can give back the received love.

-Most people will answer that their parents or in some cases only one of their parents, is or are the one(s) they love most. Since this love is instinctive and unconditional and they do not have to fear that their love will not be responded as it might be in a relationship. There is no “break-up” with the parents.

The media I will use will be a film, that gives answers to the central question and that shows what people in different situations consider as their prior love. As I already mentioned, the process I will take to test my hypotheses will be by interview and by trying to catch scenes where you can see these people from the interview showing their love to someone.  As an addition I will include myself to the interviewed people to not always be the one behind the camera, but also take part in the project to find out what my answers to the questions are and to be able to sympathize with the situation the people are in.