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Research Project - Crazy in Love -  Astrid

The topic for my presentation in January is “Crazy in love”.  As the description says I am supposed to research extreme measures taken in the name of love, including the causes and the consequences as well as an evaluation whether this kind of love is good or bad. I will present my work in a PowerPoint presentation.

As an introduction I planned on doing a little interview with people on the streets, asking them about a moment when they did something out of love or the other way around, when they felt somebody did something outstanding for them just because they loved them. This way I hope to get some interesting examples for actions out of love. Besides those quotations I want to research our history and find out about people, who forget about their own needs and act out of love for another person.  This might include a person dying to save his/her love.

After giving a clear idea to the audience about how much people do out of love and how strong love can be, I want to try answering the question: why? I found some interesting material saying that you don’t act that way, because you expect to get something for it, but because you feel like you want to give that person something back (some kind of feeling of guilt). This is a point I want to research a little more and maybe connect with some physical causes, especially how our brain works in such moments etc. (reading into the book “Anatomy of love”). 

Furthermore my presentation will include a two-sided view on extreme love. I think it is very important to also talk about dependence and how far love should go. This might be a very hard part, since everybody has a different view on such a question, which we already saw when discussing about the term “I love you” in class (whether it changes the value if you say it too often). For that reason I am thinking about starting a little discussion myself, asking, at which point love or a relationships becomes too much and restricting to them. This way they are able to form an own opinion before I go on with the topic of erotomania and stalking.

I will research love-sickness as portrayed in a film called: ”À la folie…Pas du tout”. After watching the movie I will decide whether it makes sense to show some parts of it to the class. Afterwards I want to collect some facts about stalking and possibilities to handle it the right way. Literature for this topic:

1.Weiß, Andrea/ Winterer, Heidi (Hrsg.) (2008): Stalking und häusliche Gewalt. Interdisziplinäre Aspekte und Interventionsmöglichkeiten. 2. Auflage. Freiburg im Breisgau: Lambertus.

2.Friedler, Peter (2006): Stalking. Opfer, Täter, Prävention, Behandlung. Weinheim: Beltz PVU.

3.Hahn, Kornelia (2000): Grenzen und Grenzüberschreitungen der Liebe. Opladen: Leske+Budrich.

4. Dreißing, Harald/Gass, Peter (2005): Stalking. Verfolgung, Bedrohung, Belästigung. 1. Auflage. Bern: Huber.

Finally I will summarize my answers and formulate my result, answering the question whether extreme love is good or bad and at which point good love and bad love part. Probably also asking whether bad love even exists or whether there should be a different name for it.

In short terms my presentation is supposed to give examples of extremes of love both in ordinary life (through the interview) and in exceptional cases (outstanding examples from history). Furthermore it will talk about the reasons for such actions, especially concerning the brain and the thoughts of people while doing it. Afterwards I will discuss the bad side of extreme love, probably involving the class, showing little movie sections and defining love-sickness (stalking and erotomania), so that in the end I can define the border between good love and bad love.